Cruise to Puntarenas

Costa Rica is known as an all-natural, no-artificial-ingredients destination. The country's biodiversity is the real star here; we can't think of a destination where it's more important to get off the ship and out into the wilds ASAP. In short, the place is beautiful. Many shore excursions will cover the country's stunning national parks; the adventurous among you may find yourself ziplining through the canopy. (Note: Screaming, "Weeeeeeeeeee!" while you do so is totally okay.) Let Puntarenas be your first step to exploring this incredible place. Located on the Pacific Coast, it's a tourist-centric beach town that draws visitors from the capital San Jose and surfers from all over the world. There's shopping. There's great local eats. But Puntarenas's true gift is its proximity to the kind of nature you thought only existed in your imagination. Go find it.