Casa Kimberley: Elizabeth Taylor's Hideaway

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Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton found a secret romantic spot in Puerto Vallarta

The former twin residences of legendary film stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, connected by a "Love Bridge," remain the buzz of Puerto Vallarta. Over 10,000 fans annually visit Casa Kimberley, named after Kimberley Brook Wilson, the builder's daughter.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton driving around in a Jeep in Puerto Vallarta

Liz and Dick bought the Spanish villas shortly after their first wedding ceremony. Burton later had the bridge built to connect them. The couple owned the homes for 26 years and stayed here for months at a time. When Burton died in 1984, Taylor put the residences on the market.

A walk through seven levels of rooms chock-full of memorabilia in the 20,000-square-foot estate, located in Gringo Gulch, is a must for fans of the stars, whose steamy romance began during the 1964 filming of The Night of the Iguana in Puerto Vallarta.

The Night That Changed Everything

Directed by John Huston, The Night of the Iguana starred Burton, Ava Gardner and Sue Lyon, and was based on a play by Tennessee Williams. The torrid and tawdry love story was just as steamy behind the camera. Taylor came to the set to carry on her affair with Burton, despite being married to Eddie Fisher. Lyon and Williams brought their respective lovers along as well, while Gardner partied up a storm with her local beach boyfriend of the moment.

Press coverage of the various clandestine affairs, Burton's long drinking bouts at the Bar Oceano and the charms of the cobbled village put Puerto Vallarta on the map as the hot new international vacation destination. The world read, watched and listened to the steamy gossip roll out of the town, and suddenly found itself enthralled with Puerto Vallarta: the once-remote beach locale caught up in a swirl of Hollywood fireworks.

Burton and Taylor's torrid love affair with each other and with Puerto Vallarta continued after the movie was made. Their presence remains in Puerto Vallarta, where visitors may find small sculptures of Burton, Taylor and Huston, as well as a small park named after Burton.

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