4 Unique Things To Do in Cabo San Lucas

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Sunsets glow for hours in Cabo, as this gem of a port is known. Its lovely beaches rival those of Brazil, and the waters offshore are home to seals, gray whales and a medley of other marine life.

But if you've cruised to Cabo in the past you already know all of that. So, here are 4 things you should do if you're looking for a unique experience in Cabo San Lucas.

1. Watch baby sea turtles hatch at El Faro Viejo

A small baby turtle makes his dash towards the ocean as the sun begins to set and cruise tourists watch on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas.

Come at the right time of year, and you can watch baby sea turtles hatch near the fragments of a wrecked ship on the beach at El Faro Viejo, where sand dunes rise 500 feet above the water. The sea turtles nest between June and December and between November and February, depending on the species, and the babies hatch 45 days after the mother lays her eggs. The other supposed appeal of the spot is the remnant of an 1890 lighthouse, but it’s actually the view from the sand dunes that folks remember later.

2. Head off the beaten path and visit La Candelaria

mountain stands tall on a clear sunny day above La Candelaria in Cabo San Lucas.

If you've been to Cabo more than once or just want an off-the-beaten-path experience, check out La Candelaria. Palm, mango and bamboo trees are everywhere in this old Indian village in the mountains north of Cabo. But the real lure for some, however, is the practice of witchcraft that’s said to be still going on. The best way to get to La Candelaria is an ATV shore excursion and can be booked through the cruise ship.

3. Go fishing for Striped Marlin

Fishing boats take to the seas in pursuit of striped marlin during sunset in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo San Lucas is the acknowledged fishing capital of the world for striped marlin. Even a novice casting a line out can expect to haul in a catch of these blue, black and silver fish with their swordfish mouths and lavender stripes (as long as you don't bring bananas on the boat). Fortunately for these fish, they aren’t tasty, so after being photographed with their prize, most fishermen release them. If you're booking a fishing charter on your own, be sure to tell them you're with the cruise ship so they can work around your time in port.

4. Get out of town and explore San José del Cabo

If you want to be completely in control of your day we suggest renting a car and taking in the 20-mile corridor connecting Cabo San Lucas with San José del Cabo. You'll drive past a string of remote beaches that invite you to dive on in. If this is where you plan to spend your day, be sure to pack some drinks and a few things to munch on while you're there. Once you're done playing in the water (or you start to get hungry) continue your drive to the historic town of San José del Cabo where you'll find historic plazas and churches and a thriving culinary scene well worth exploring. This is also where you'll find authentic folk-art for purchase.  

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