Cruise to Seville

There is no shortage of must-sees in the heart of Spain's southern region of Andalusia. The cathedral is one of the world's largest; Columbus rests there.

The Alcazar is a standout of Moorish architecture that reveals the region's history. The Giralda's minaret offers great views of the city and then there's the charming whitewashed nabe of Santa Cruz, formerly Seville's Jewish Quarter. And of course, being Spain, there are more than enough tapas bars to tempt you from not seeing any of this. But here's the rub: You'll dock in Cadiz—a four-hour roundtrip trek to and from Seville by train.

If you're feeling energetic, Seville is absolutely worth the effort. If you're not, enjoy the more low-key (but still wonderful) port city of Cadiz.