Cruise to Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar? It's a rock, all right. A giant limestone monolith that soars 1,400 feet above the Mediterranean, at the point where the sea meets the Atlantic—the point where Europeans once thought the world came to an end.

The rush of waves endlessly crashing against the mighty rock serves as a convenient metaphor for her many inhabitants and invaders: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Moors and the Spanish, to name but some of those who crashed through here.

And they've all left their traces. But since 1713, the British flag has flown proudly over the Rock's battle-scarred Moorish castle, which still overlooks the sea, and Gibraltar remains a unique corner of Britishness. Come for the history, be wowed by the raw natural beauty, and stay for a pint or a cup of tea.