Cruise to Cannes

Sunglasses? Check. Hair done right? Check. Stomach sucked in? You bet. Bring on the paparazzi! Welcome to Cannes, home to the famous film festival of its own name, and home year-round to an international jetset of the rich and their attendants. Giant yachts fill Cannes' snug Port Vieux, but they're not as big as the one you came in on, so stand tall and join the parade. And parading is what one does in Cannes: Stroll the waterfront Croisette promenade and take in the Riviera air—watch out for that Maserati! Outdoor cafés along rue Félix Faure serve up bowls of steaming bouillabaisse and overloaded trays of succulent seafood. The Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned on nearby Isle St Marguerite; take a ferry there to take a look. Spend your kids' college fund on a bag you don't really need. Then return to your ship, and back to planet Earth.