Cruise to Tortola

The rocky land chunks of the British Virgin Islands are beautiful, but it's the stuff that separates them and laps at their coastlines that keep a wheel-heeled international set coming back to BVI time and time again. In a part of the world where beautiful beaches elicit yawns, BVI—and her island of Tortola, home to the capital city, Road Town—is a step above. Nature is the show here and the beaches rule. A month-long to-do list could well be limited to sitting on a beach to look at the water, followed by some time sitting on a boat to look at a beach for variety. Throw in some diving—might as well, it's some of the best in the world—and you've got a great getaway. Or a master escape plan. Stay in Tortola, on a patch of sand preferably, or use this hub as a base for day trips to other Virgin Islands.