The Mudslide: Grand Cayman's Great Cocktail

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It seems like a lifetime ago that your cruise ship docked in Grand Cayman; you've already petted the rays at Stingray City and snorkeled at Coral Gardens and Grand Cayman's fish-filled barrier reef. Life couldn’t get much better, right? Wrong!

Savory mudslide drink in Grand Cayman.


After your wet and wild animal adventures, your shore excursion may make a stop for lunch at Rum Point, a winsome white-sand beach on Grand Cayman’s North Side. The tiny cove is dominated by the Wreck Bar & Grill, where deep-fried conch fritters, calamari and chicken wings will no doubt call your name. But take my advice and make a beeline for the bar, because this is the home of the Mudslide, and you don’t want to get back onboard your cruise ship without tasting this Caribbean cocktail.


Back in the 1970s, the Wreck Bar & Grill was the first bar to combine Absolut vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream and crushed ice into the now-famous Mudslide cocktail. The nothing-but-alcohol original was a runaway hit and has since spawned legions of fans all over the world. It’s also spawned its share of imitators, who've been known to add vanilla ice cream into the mix. The horror. But The Wreck Bar is the only place you're sure of getting the unadulterated, all-alcohol, garnished-with-a-cherry-and-a-sprinkle-of-cinnamon original, and you'd better get in line early because they serve as many as 400 of them a day.


So how does a Mudslide taste? Kind of like a refreshingly cold, delightfully creamy, coffee-flavored slushy with a rum-and-whiskey-powered Caribbean kick. Its sweetness belies its potency, so trust us, just one will do ya. Then again, you’re on a cruise, right? And since no one is driving, go ahead and order up another one. Just do me a favor and don’t ask for a virgin Mudslide. Because, as any aficionado will tell you, there's no such thing. As the bar's much photographed sign says: "How much is a virgin Mudslide? Cups of ice are free."

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The Mudslide in Grand Cayman
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