Cruise to Grand Cayman

Rocky blue water lagoon in Grand Cayman

Top 5 things to do in Grand Cayman

  1. Relax on Seven Mile Beach
  2. Tour Stingray City
  3. Scuba through the Kittiwake Shipwreck
  4. Have a beer at Cayman Islands Brewery
  5. Eat fresh seafood at the Brasserie
Known for: BeachesSnorkeling & DivingFresh SeafoodTropical WeatherBritish Culture

Grand Cayman is one of the busiest--and largest--ports of call in the Caribbean. Cruisers looking for variety in their port itinerary will be pleased with what this island has to offer; after all, Grand Cayman is renowned for its long stretches of shoreline, diving and snorkeling spots and decadent food (ahem, homemade rum cake). Those looking to splurge on handmade (and tax-free) items should head to South Church Street, while history buffs can hang out in the 18th century at the Pedro St. James Historic Site. If relaxing on the beach is more your style, grab a cocktail and take a walk down Seven Mile Beach (which is actually about 5 miles) or Public Beach for a quieter retreat. It's also the place where life underwater is just as colorful as what awaits on land; hang out with some friendly stingrays (really, they're not bad) or catch a glimpse of the island's famous black coral during a dive.

Pack some sunscreen (since it's almost always sunny here) and get ready to explore the Big Apple of the Caribbean.

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Grand Cayman Highlights


  • Stingray City
  • Seven Mile Beach
  • Atlantis Submarines


  • Luxury "Steals" in George Town
  • Pure Art Gift Shop for Handcrafted Goods
  • Cayman Craft Market


  • Fresh Seafood at The Brasserie
  • Authentic Indian at Sunset House
  • Conch at Eastern Star Bar & Fish Fry

Shore Excursions

  • Kayak and Snorkel Safari
  • Ambassador Divers
  • Horseback Riding Along the Beach


  • Cayman Turtle Farm
  • Pirates of the Caymans
  • Butterfly Farm (Just off Seven Mile Beach)


  • Seven Mile Beach (Royal Palms or Westin)
  • Rum Point
  • Smith's Cove Beach


  • Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour
  • Cayman Islands National Museum
  • Pedro St.James National Historic Site


  • Take a Photo at Lover's Wall
  • Couples Massage at Hibiscus Spa (Westin)
  • Hop on a Catamaran for a Snorkel Day

Solo Exploration

  • Mastic Trail
  • Stingray City
  • Royal Palms for Watersports, Bar and Food