Celebrity Spotting During a Caribbean Cruise

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High season in the Caribbean is high time for celebrity sightings

Actor Johnny Depp on the shores of Puerto Rico while filming The Rum Diary

Admit it. You glance at the tabloids while checking-out at the supermarket. You linger on celebrity gossip as you channel surf. So why not give in to the impulse and check out the hot spots where the stars stay, eat, and shop? Here are some choice recommendations where we lowly plebeians can mingle with the rich and the famous during our next cruise.

Puerto Rico

Cruise to San Juan and spot a celebrity at the Dragonfly Restaurant

San Juan, Puerto Rico is a favorite vacation spot for famous natives Jennifer Lopez and Benicio del Toro. Lopez and other visiting celebrities have been spotted at The Ritz in the sophisticated Isla Verda neighborhood. Del Toro dined at the DragonFly (364 Calle Fortaleza, San Juan). Next door at the Parrot Club (363 Calle Fortaleza, San Juan), the crew threw Johnny Depp a birthday party while filming The Rum Diary.

The Bahamas

Cruise to Nassau and experience a luxurious stay at the Graycliff Hotel

See the likes of Martha Stewart, Mariah Carey, and Nick Cannon. They all visit on a regular basis. Brooke Shields was spotted dining at the Graycliff Restaurant in Nassau (8-12 W. Hill Street, Nassau) while on holiday. The island of Eleuthera, located east of Nassau, has hosted Robert de Niro and the Prince and Princess of Wales. Lenny Kravitz, whose mother grew up here, owns a home there.


Cruise to Barbados and stay at the Luxurious Sandy Lane Resort

But where do the famous flock toward the most? Barbados. Thirty minutes north of the capital city Bridgetown is Holetown, Here you will find 6th Street, the star-studded jackpot, also known as Celebrity Strip. Jude Law and Hugh Grant have been spied hopping from one ramshackle bar to the next. Bajan Rihanna frequently returns to her home in Sandy Lane, just south of Holetown. Security is tight, but why not have a drink at the Sandy Lane Country Club and take your chances on a sighting. You’ll never know if you never go!

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