Cruise to Saint John

Welcome to another edition of Know Your Canadian Saint Johns. This one is spelled out and in the non-possessive and singular form — Saint John, not St. John's. Saint John is the largest city in New Brunswick, not Newfoundland. And it's located on the Bay of Fundy, not the Atlantic Ocean. Got it? Good. The Bay of Fundy has the most extreme tidal range in the world — there can be a 56-foot difference between low and high tide — and Saint John is your jumping off point for exploring this ecological marvel. The Reversing Falls are a must-see series of whirlpools and white-water rapids that form as the high tides of the Bay of Fundy collide with the Saint John River in a rocky gorge just west of downtown. Offshore, there are whale-watching opportunities; in town, enjoy the City Market and the shopping and dining in the Uptown district.