Cruise to St. George's

If history, architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites are your thing then St. George’s is your port. Bermuda's former capital and oldest continually inhabited urban English settlement in the New World has changed little over the past 100 years — and that’s a good thing. St. George’s seems to be frozen in time with its late 17th century colonial architecture, making it a must-see when visiting Bermuda. While most larger cruise ships can’t dock at St. George’s because of their size, it’s not difficult to get here from the neighboring ports of Hamilton and King’s Wharf.

As you’re walking through the winding streets lined with pastel-painted buildings in St. George’s, you’ll notice all the shutters are painted bright green. This dates back to the 17th Century when it was believed that the ingredients in green paint repelled insects, contributing to an island life that was a little less itchy and a whole lot more colorful.