Cruise to Ketchikan

She peeks out of the mist like a hidden treasure—and when the sun does come out, it shines on this stunning gem in southeast Alaska. Ketchikan is the best place in the world to see totem poles. They're along the water at Totem Bight State Historical Park, at the Totem Heritage Center, or part of the massive collection at Saxman, a one-mile-square Tlingit village.

Look around you and you'll see bald eagles diving into the Tongass Narrows, float-planes landing after a day of flightseeing to Misty Fjords, waterfalls that make Niagara look like a drippy faucet and killer whales exhaling with a thunderous whoosh. Creek Street is your downtown shopping must-see and salmon's for lunch—you're in the salmon capital of the world.

Bonus (and infinitely useless and quite possibly boring) fact: The highest US zipcode—99950—is Ketchikan's. Who knew? You!