Cruising to Alaska with Kids: Must-Pack Items

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Cruising to Alaska is an experience of a lifetime--I mean, it's not everyday you get to witness the power of a cracking glacier or the closer-than-anticipated footsteps of the state's resident bears mid-excursion. If you're traveling with kids, however, the thrilling idea of mingling with furry friends is second to ensuring your children are well prepared to brave frequent outdoor activities and unpredictable weather patterns. Here are a few items to keep in mind when packing for kids for your Alaska cruise.

Alaska-Appropriate Clothing

Alaska is a very outdoor-friendly state and weather varies by region and season. Summer days tend to be rainy in some regions, while temperatures range from 55-70 F but actually feel warmer due to long hours of direct sunlight. Nighttime temperatures can dip into the 40's-50's, which also means you'll need extra layers to cover up.

Before diving into the internal "should I really pack this?" debate, make sure you've scratched these items off your child's clothing packing list:

Don't Forget These Essentials When Exploring Alaska

Now that we've identified what your children should be wearing, let's move on to the miscellaneous items that most people tend to forget when packing for an Alaska cruise:

Just for Fun: Cruise with a Kid-Approved Camera

During your Alaska cruise, your kids will run into more jaw-dropping sights than they'll be able to remember (watch their faces as they spot a living, breathing Alaskan bear in the distance--that's one experience we doubt they'll ever forget). We suggest purchasing an inexpensive camera for them to carry around while exploring Alaska. They can document the things they see and keep those memories for a lifetime.

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