5 Tips to Stay Fit on Norwegian Breakaway

By Onboard.com

One of the best parts of cruising on Norwegian Breakaway to Bermuda (if not the best) is the fabulous feasting onboard. From juicy rib-eye steaks accompanied by parmesan-truffle fries at Cagney’s Steakhouse to whole roasted suckling pig, ice cream sundaes and late-night nachos at the Garden Café, you truly can eat what you want, when you want, and as much as you want.

You’re on vacation after all, right?

The truth is your feeding frenzy will take its toll if you don’t get up and move. But if getting on the treadmill in the ship’s fitness center seems to defeat the purpose of your cruise then consider these more palatable ways to stay active without having to hit the gym:

1) Dance.

Dance the night away with the rest of the cruise guests at Spice H2O on Norwegian Breakaway

Every night on Norwegian Breakaway, there is a dance party somewhere on the ship, whether it’s under the open sky at Spice H2O or down in the Atrium to classic 80s hits. Don’t be shy. Even if you stop by for 15 minutes and call it a night, that’s 15 more minutes of high-intensity cardio you’ll be getting as opposed to just sitting and watching everyone else have a blast on the dance floor. If you’re not a night owl, drop in on one of the many instructional dance classes, like Bachata or Samba, happening daily in the Atrium. Burn calories, while learning some new moves that you can then show off back home. Now that’s a souvenir worth bringing back.

2) Rock climb.

Rock climbing on Norwegian helps burn calories while you cruise

Sure, the line for the rock climbing wall is dominated by children but it’s there for everyone. It’s a great total-body workout that will strengthen muscles from your feet all the way to your neck. Just don’t give up until you’ve clanged the bell at the top! Try going first thing in the morning while most families are eating breakfast if you want to avoid the kiddie crowds.

3) Aim higher when choosing shore excursions.

Cruiser takes a paddle and a surf board and tackles on some calm beach waters in the Caribbean

Choose higher-level activities for your shore excursions. All options are labeled by exertion level, from one to three. For example, sightseeing tours by bus and days at the beach are considered Level 1. Why not be slightly more adventurous and opt for a level-two Railway Trail Bike and Beach Tour or spend the day doing some stand-up paddle boarding? If you aren’t afraid to take it up another notch and are cruising to Bermuda, go for the Hidden Gems Exploration Adventure where you’ll hike through the jungle, cliff dive, snorkel, and cave swim. It’s a favorite among adventurous cruisers.

4) Take the stairs.

Blue stairs that lead to the Ropes Course on Norwegian Getaway

Instead of waiting for the elevator to take you to dinner on one of the upper decks, walking up several flights from your stateroom will not only burn extra calories, but also targets your quadriceps and glutes. Did you know stair-climbing burns twice the fat in half the time of running and three times more than walking? Climb the stairs everywhere and you just might go home looking like JLo. Remember using the handrail is cheating.

5) Skip the sugary drinks.

Cupcakes and desserts sit within the display case at Carlo’s Bake Shop

It’s important to keep hydrated when you’re relaxing in the sun all day, but that doesn’t mean you should reach for the fruit punch to quench your thirst. Norwegian Breakaway has a state-of-the-art filtration system to ensure for crystal clear, calorie-free refreshment. And besides, wouldn’t those calories be better spent at Carlo’s Bake Shop?

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