Moderate Large SET SAIL 1993
The generous collection of books and computer terminals
The 3-venue Mix, combination of bar experiences
The art is incredible - take a self-guided tour!

Statendam is an appealing midsize ship in this age of increasingly monster-sized versions carrying three and four times as many passengers.  Intimate, yes, but still roomy enough for amenities like a movie theater, huge library and Internet center, gym and spa, and four dining options. The ship feels old worldy with its promenade deck and traditional art, but yet also embraces some of the cruise industry’s latest trends in dining, spas and entertainment. Statendam is a well-balanced cruiser.

ms Statendam OVERVIEW

Holland America Line's ms Statendam is a classy ship one third the size of today’s largest mega cruise ships, and that translates into an appealing intimacy that may be lacking on the mega liners.

Her hull is a handsome dark blue and her profile is long and tapered, and with the wraparound promenade, the ship is a graceful throwback to a more elegant era of ocean travel.  This is a cruise ship that feels like a cruise ship.

The interior, while updated over the years, still carries hints of old-world charms with its traditional art collection and subdued earthy color scheme. Still, ms Statendam, like the entire Holland America Line fleet, stays up-to-date with spaces like its Internet café/library, alternative restaurants and spacious staterooms.

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Between May and September, Statendam sails in Alaska from Seattle and Vancouver, with a Pacific coastal trip tossed in the mix. The rest of the year is spent on assorted routes in Mexico the South Pacific, Panama Canal and South America.