Crystal Serenity's $17 Million Makeover

Fresh look. Fresh air. Fresh gardens.

Accomplished in just 14 sleepless days, Serenity’s extreme cruise makeover is the result of the combined efforts of nearly 1,100 contractors, designers, engineers and key shipboard staff. But passengers will be more amazed by the airy, open Lido deck with a retractable glass roof, lush greenery of vertical living walls sprouting up everywhere and real olive trees that make it feel like you’re at a trendy rooftop restaurant in Santa Barbara, California.

Lush is more

The living wall at the Trident grill provides an excellent photo opportunity on Crystal Serenity.

The most impressive feature about the Lido deck, in particular Trident Grill, is the ship’s vertical gardens/living walls. Each wall was specifically designed, using different varieties of plants, which vary in color, growth and flower to create living art on the ship. The smaller living walls that stand only a few feet in height are actually herb gardens for the chefs, designed to grow seasoning for use in onboard kitchens. While Serenity can’t claim the title of the first cruise ship at sea with a living wall, her sister Symphony certainly can. 

Take a nap under an olive tree?

Dine at Trident Grill while on board Crystal Serenity.

The sporadically placed olive trees on the Lido deck sway in sea breeze and the lavender planted beneath fills the area with a sense of calmness. While napping on the Lido deck is not recommended (especially not in the dining areas), I imagine no one would notice if you grabbed a lounger next to the seahorse pool to take in the 360 degree views of the ocean and just happened to close your eyes for a bit.

Long buffet counters? Not on Serenity

The modern lido cafe eliminates the long buffet lines altogether on Crystal Serenity.

You won’t find a trace of those long buffet counters at the Lido Café as the area was completely demolished and redesigned. Think more along the lines of modern light stoned island counters mixed with more tables for two, separated by intricately designed screen panels for an intimate “by-the-window” dining experience. Did I mention the floor-to-ceiling windows that span across the entire café giving you an expansive ocean view?

So long allergies, hello haven of fresh air

Staterooms providing 99.9 percent fresh filtered air and hypoallergenic bedding on Crystal Serenity.

Attention cruise passengers with allergies, mild respiratory issues and those looking for clean air. In an industry first, Crystal Serenity created a hypoallergenic environment by adding PURE air purification systems to 70 of their staterooms. So head back to the comforts of your stateroom with its 99.9% clean filtered air and hypoallergenic bedding and just take it all in.  

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