20 Must-Know Tips About Cruising on Carnival Breeze

Learn how to get free wine with dinner, where to stand during the sail away out of Port Miami, and where to go if you need to pretend you’re not sailing with 4,000 of your closest friends.


1. There's always a bathroom near the theaters and the pools.

Waterworks park on board the Carnival Breeze.

2. If you dine at Cucina del Capitano the first night out, wine will be included with your meal.  

3. The Dr. Seuss breakfast is open to families or anyone who is a Seuss-enthusiast.

4. If you’re planning to watch a Carnival LIVE show and want to dance, grab a seat on the first floor. No one dances on the second and third levels.

Rascal Flats on Carnival Breeze

5. There are trivia games at every possible hour, it seems. It’s a little old school, complete with pencil and paper, but it’s an entertaining way to break up a sea day.

6. If they offer a “How To” dance class, take it! You will learn some of the coolest dance moves and make your friends jealous.

7. The Indian specialty restaurant, Tandoor, has delicious Indian food that is actually cooked in a clay oven, but the restaurant is only open during lunch hours on sea days.


8. The scrambled eggs at Lido Restaurant are just not that good (or they weren’t the last time I was on Breeze). Go to the omelet station instead – it’s worth the extra wait time.

9. The towel-folding class is not just for kids and is surprisingly fun.


10. The HASBRO show is truly fantastic – definitely entertaining for people of all ages and not at all lame.

11. Deck four has a Library Bar. It’s a great place to grab a glass of wine to enjoy while you sit and read.

12. Go to the spa raffle on the first day (it’s usually an hour or two after leaving the dock); they give away some pretty good prizes and not that many people show up for it.screen_shot_2016-03-25_at_9.21.00_am.png

13. The comedy shows fill up surprisingly fast. If you have your heart set on going to one, go early to make sure that you get a seat.

14. If it’s in your budget, try to get a balcony cabin. The ocean-view cabins are nice, but sometimes on a busy ship like Carnival Breeze, having a place for peace and quiet is really a treat. And if you can't, good news is you can always use your ocean-view window as a reading nook.


15. Cherry on Top is a miniature version of the Dylan’s Candy Bar. It’s an amazing place for an afternoon snack of chocolate-covered gummy bears.

16. The area where you gather to disembark on port days can get crazy crowded. If you don’t absolutely need to go first thing, you might want to wait until everyone clears out (particularly if you are claustrophobic); if you have to go early, hang out by the stairs or on the landing between decks so you can lean on something if the wait is extended.

17. If you’re looking for a “let me pretend for just a minute I’m not sailing with 4,000 of my closest friends” kind of place, head to the Red Frog Pub. You’ll find great beers on tap, live music and a cool outdoor area with chairs and loungers. It has a sort of Key West vibe to it.


18. If specialty coffee (lattes and cappuccinos included) is your thing, head to the Taste Bar. It’s 100 times better than the coffee in the buffet or your stateroom, but it’s not free. Although you can buy a coffee package similar to the way you can buy an alcohol or soda package.

19. Everyone raves about Fat Jimmy’s C-side BBQ (one of the lunch specialty restaurants included in your cruise fare and only available on sea days). It’s OK, but we would pick Tandoor (hidden in the aft of the ship) or Guy’s Burger Joint over it any day.

20. Get on the Lido deck for sail away. You will see some serious dance moves and kick off your vacation with a bang. Or a cha cha. Or a whip nae nae.

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