Cruise Planning Checklist: What to Do 3 Months Before Your Cruise


Three months still feels like a long way to go before you can set sail. But while you wait, here's what you should be focusing on at this stage in your pre-cruising timeline. 

Health Requirements + Information Check for vaccinations and learn how to stay safe
  • Check if the countries you're visiting have any vaccination requirements. You can check for this on the Center for Disease Control or World Health Organization websites.
  • Have you done your research on Zika virus? Learn some quick facts about the illness and tips to better protect yourself while cruising.
Packing for Your Cruise Buy what you need/choose the right luggage
Pets/Housesitting/Childcare Make any necessary arrangements
  • If your children aren't cruising with you, start securing childcare for them.
  • If you need to arrange pet boarding, now's the time to make arrangements for them, too. If you're traveling during a busy month (like a major holiday), making these arrangements early is key.
Shipboard Activities Reserve your dining

If your cruise line allows online reservations, now's the time to start reserving your dining. They will typically start allowing you to make reservations on their website up to 90 days before your cruise.

Port Preparation Seal the deal on shore excursions

Finalize your chosen shore excursions. Now that you've done the research, start booking. Doing so 3 months in advance gives you a better chance of securing a reservation before spots are filled. 

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