Cruise Planning Checklist: What to Do 1 Week Before Your Cruise


You're less than one week away from your cruise, which means it's time to celebrate…kind of. Before you flip the vacation switch, pay special attention to these last-minute cruising details.

Shop for the little things Carry-ons, canned beverages and random (but useful) accessories
  • For starters, find a carry-on that works for embarkation and the first day of your cruise.
  • Buy some canned beverages for your cabin (but first, check your cruise line's drink policy to see how much you can bring on board).

Bonus Tip: Your stateroom walls are magnetic! So pack a few magnets to use on your stateroom walls (you can hang must-have cruise documents on your wall so you don't forget them) or to mark your cabin door.

Prepare your tech devices
  • Download movies, apps, music or any other tech-friendly entertainment to your smarphone or tablet.
  • You won't have much cellular service, so download Skype or Google Voice to stay in touch while you're away.
  • Buy one of the ship's internet packages so you can stay connected at sea.

Here are some of our favorite apps to download for your cruise.

Take care of money and travel details Tavel documents, extra bills and credit card security
  • Call your credit card company to set a travel alert on your card. Getting your card blocked due to suspected fraud is a total vacation bust.
  • Make copies of your travel documents and leave them with a trusted contact: vias, passports, cruise documents, etc.
  • Make a stop at the bank for $1 bills you can use to tip port guides, cab drivers or anyone else who provides asssitance during your travels.
Pack Your Checked Luggage Multifunctional is key
  • Be conscious of overpacking.
    • Instead, choose multifunctional clothing pieces that work for both day and night. 
  • Before packing, check your cruise line's website for luggage weight and size restrictions.

Not sure what to pack for your cruise? This detailed cruise packing list covers everything you need for smoother sailing. 

T Minus 24 Hours Before Your Cruise? Make Sure You:

  • Confirm domestic fligts/check-in online.
  • Tag your checked luggage.
  • Finish packing your carry-on.
  • Double-check your tickets and travel documents.
  • Check the check-in time for your cruise (note: you can't board earlier than your check-in time, but you can board up to one hour before departure).
  • Get excited! You're only embarking on one of the coolest vacations there is.
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