Cruise Planning Checklist: What to Do 2 Months Before Your Cruise


Your cruise is two months away! Now's the time to make the final payment on your cruise, plan what you’re going to do in port, and shop for the speciality items, formal wear or other things you might not realize you'll need.

Here's everything you should tackle next on pre-cruise to-do list. 

Finalize your cruise payment On a payment schedule? Make your final payment.

Cruises will usually need to be paid in full at least one but in most cases two months ahead of sailing—unless you're purchasing a particular suite or sailing during a peak holiday (in this case, the date may vary). Cruise lines offer payment schedules online, so if you're paying for your cruise in parts it's best to finalize your payment now to avoid any issues. 

Finalize Your Activities Still waiting to book that shore excursion? Book now.

This is something we suggest doing at least 3 months before your cruise, simply because shore excursions tend to fill up pretty quickly (especially the popular ones). But if you've held off on booking (because of a cruise payment schedule or you simply haven't decided what you want to do), we suggest getting that out of the way now. 

  • Do your research. Choose the right shore excursion that fits your style. Do you want to explore with a ship led shore excursion or on your own? If you're not sure, check out our tips for choosing a guided shore excursion vs. exploring independently.
  • Reminder: shore excursions can be reserved via the "My Reservation" tool on your cruise line's website.
Packing. Packing. Packing. Have you downloaded our packing list?

This is another thing we suggest thinking about at the 3-month mark—and you might be wondering why we suggest anything related to packing at this point. There are a few factors to take into account before you pack, such as:

  • How active are you going to be? 
  • How many evening activities (formal dinners, night clubs) do you want to attend and what are the dress codes for them?
  • Are there any themed events on board?
  • Do you have the right luggage for a cruise?

Two months gives you plenty of time to shop for the items you need. To get in the packing mindset, here's a list of items that every cruiser should pack.

Also start thinking about any specialty items you'll need—such as swim gear for a sea excursion.

Tip: If you're going snorkeling, we suggest bringing your own snorkeling gear...we have our reasons. 


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