The Best Luggage to Buy for Your Next Cruise

By Lauren Macleod

You may only need to pack and unpack once for your cruise, but we are still fans of having the right luggage. And with more people cruising from faraway locations, you may need a flight and a night or two in a hotel--you'll need some reliable luggage to keep your things in place before and after your cruise. Here are our current favorite suitcases.

Best for Long Cruises

Samsonite Black Label Cosmolite Spinner ($500+)


This is an investment, to be sure. But it is the single best piece of luggage we have used. It’s incredibly light at just over 9 pounds,

 vs. 14 or 15 pounds for similarly sized bags. That 5 pounds makes a big difference (especially when you are flying and you are always dangerously close to the 50 pound limit). It’s durable, light, and easy to spot in baggage claim.

The only real downside (aside from the hit to the wallet) is that there is virtually nothing inside the bag to help you organize. One side has a zippered mesh flap that divides the bag into two halves. But that’s it. So if you need systems and pockets, this may not be the best fit for your travel needs.

Pros: Durable, lightweight, easy to spot, easy to push or pull

Cons: Expensive, limited interior organization

Biaggi Contempo Foldable 28” Spinner

This bag will make you silently wonder "where has this bag been my whole cruising life?". This Shark Tank-featured luggage collection is totally functional and - get this - foldable. While cruise staterooms are getting more spacious with every new ship design, the average room is still smaller than the average hotel room. So, compact luggage is a bonus.

Watch below for a peek at the Biaggi bag in action.




Genius Pack 29” Hardside Spinner Upright (<$400 on sale)


We haven’t actually used this bag, but it’s been recommended as a great alternative to the Cosmolite. Genius Pack specializes in creating intelligent luggage that has all of the right pockets and compartments for those that want to stay organized on vacation. With a separate laundry compartment, 8 wheels instead of just 4, and a current price of less than $400, this looks like a great option.


Delsey Spinner Bags (<$300 on sale)


We are just generally huge believers in spinners; why have just 2 wheels when you can have 4? They make it so much easier to move things, including your handbag or carry-on. Delsey seems to always have something on sale, so we recommend checking out their bags if the two above are on the higher end of your budget.

Best for Short Cruises or Carry-On Bags

Victorinox WT 22 Dual Caster Carry-On


   Victorinox is a great brand for solid, functional luggage that looks polished and sophisticated. The WT 22 is a great size for a short cruise or for carry-on luggage. It has a few helpful organizational compartments, a removable suiter for your formal night attire (if you need it), and a clip for attaching another bag to the front. Most importantly, though, are the dual caster wheels - instead of a 4-wheel spinner, it has 8 wheels to smooth the movement even more.   

Genius Pack 22


Like the larger bag above, we haven’t actually tried this luggage. But the description alone is a major selling point: 4 wheels, laundry compartment, compression technology for the dirty clothes so you can fit more when you return (hello, souvenirs!), a charging station for your phone in the bag, a speaker so you can play music while you pack. Sign us up.

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