Shop ’til You Dock On Your Next Cruise

Those of us who overstuff our suitcases when we pack for a cruise vacation are missing out on one very important part of the holiday experience: shopping. Making sure we save space for an extra indulgence while away is why sayings like “leave room for dessert” exist, only that allotting for a few inches in your luggage won’t add to your waistline.

Though shopping on board a ship is not about excess; it’s about allowing yourself the freedom to discover (find the next big name in resort fashion), the time to experience (If you can’t decide on a shade of lipstick right away, why not test them all?) and the openness to try something new. Like slipping into a colorful caftan from the newly-launched cruise collection from Newport News.


Yes, that Newport News: the famed fashion catalog is bringing its stylish designs to a cruise ship near you this fall.

From airy maxi dresses that take you from deck to dinner to fashion-forward wrap dresses that pull double-duty as resort and office wear, you won’t want to miss what’s in store — literally! — from Newport News.

Then there are the brands you already know and just need the time to appreciate — feel-the-fabric-on-your-finger-tips type of appreciation. Think labels such as Michael Kors, ready to be ogled at the Royal Shops on board Royal Caribbean; Roxy, whose stylish surfer looks sold on board Carnival Cruise Lines are always on trend; and Celebrity Cruises’ selection of Diane Von Furstenberg, which even the most pragmatic shopper (here’s looking at you, Amazon enthusiast) will agree deserves your undivided attention beyond clicking to buy.


You’ve got the time, so use it to languish over pretty things you usually pine for on Pinterest or forward to your friends as part of the ongoing must-buy list neither one of you ever gets to. Except now you actually can buy the thing(s!) you really want — even if it means splurging on a second bag while you’re at it. Because if you’re wondering, they sell those on board, too, and like the fashion it’s all tax- and duty-free.

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