Mother's Day Gift Guide for Cruiser Lovers

With May 8 fast approaching, give Mom a gift that she'll love: the gift of travel. Even if you're not embarking on a 7-night Caribbean cruise getaway to celebrate, (although we're sure she wouldn't mind that option), you can still shower her with these cruise-ready gift ideas that will make her look and feel the part of savvy traveler. Here are our recommendations. 

For the Beach and Beauty Lovers

For the Book-Lovers

For the Non-Kindle Readers

If Mom is a more into traditional paper books (we don't blame her--long live paperback!), here's one we think she'd enjoy:

To Preserve the Memories

Whether she's storing embarrassing baby photos or prefers to write down her memories rather than photograph them, these items are a wonderful way to keep Mom's dearest thoughts and images close to her while she travels:

For the Outdoor Lovers

An invigorating yoga session under the Mediterranean sunrise is what dreams are made of. But even if that Downward Dog pose isn't complemented by a beautiful Grecian backdrop, here's to channeling Mom's inner European yogi:

Add a Little Extra to your Mother’s Day Gift

For an added touch, include a gift card or Gift Tree basket (we recommend the Bath and Body Invigoration, pictured below) with your Mother's Day gift. She'll be glad you did. 

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