Lauren G Adams: Jewelry for Women Who Love to Pile It On

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The fashion rules of accessorizing on vacation are rewritten the moment you embark on a cruise ship. There are issues of space (limited), ports and environments (varied and distinctive) and itineraries (busy) that influence what you wear when you cruise. One catchall solution to this fashion conundrum: Lauren G Adams, a line of fashion jewelry made up of many collections comprising colorful bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings — all produced from port-proximate South Florida. “There’s nowhere you can’t wear [Lauren G Adams] to,” says Orly Ovadia, the brand’s creator and creative director. “My pieces are for everyday glamour.” Meaning, that stack of bangles (according to Ovadia, “the most fun you can have with Lauren G Adams”) has a place by the pool, at the spa and in the shops — and everywhere else your travels take you.

While the line is designed for bold women who favor bright colors, even trinket-timid ladies will fall for Lauren G Adams’ delicate long necklaces and small “huggies” hoops, and perhaps they’ll be inspired to start a “stack” of their own. Now that the Caribbean cruise season is in full swing, we tapped Ovadia to find out the must-haves to bring on vacation, the trends you’re more likely to see in the Caribbean and the rules for wearing jewelry by the pool. (Hint: There are none!)

Let’s start with you. What’s your go-to assortment for every day?

Orly Ovadia

I’m known for my huge stack of bangles. I’ll take five or six different bangles — never the same color nor from the same collection — because I love mixing metals. I add a stack of rings and a long necklace. Long necklaces are essential because they make you feel elegant. 


Lots of people leave their jewelry at home when they travel. What’s your take on accessorizing on vacation?

Orly Ovadia

I love jewelry so much that there’s nowhere I won’t wear it to. You don’t need an occasion for jewelry, especially Lauren G Adams. For instance, when I leave the house without a long necklace, I feel naked … I have to go back in. I sometimes throw one on over a [swimsuit]. You feel really chic. It’s kind of sexy. 

So your jewelry mantra extends poolside, too?

Orly Ovadia

I’m the kind of person who will go to the pool and wear a bunch of jewelry. I won’t go swimming with it on, but I want to look good until it’s time to go in. Before a swim, I’ll just drop it in my beach bag. You can look glamorous all day.

What are some essential pieces you think every woman should bring with them on a cruise?

Orly Ovadia

Every woman should have a travel jewelry case, and then I think she needs a set of stackable rings (she’ll buy one and end up with 10, for sure), which she can switch around and create different designs for every day of her cruise. Then she needs stackable bangles to match (also something she can customize to create a signature look). Add some hoops or “huggies” and your set is complete.

What’s popular right now in the Caribbean?

Orly Ovadia

Our Pretty Little Things collection was the first I created for the Caribbean, and it’s still a bestseller. The theme is coral and turquoise, like a bangle with coral wrapped around it. From there, I’d say the bamboo bangle, which you can mix and match with any other collection. It’s the perfect accent piece.


And if you’re buying something on board to bring it home?

Orly Ovadia

Sea-life charms are great travel keepsakes you can customize. I added an octopus charm to my necklace because I think they’re fascinating. The piece becomes your own personal design.


Ready to add a touch of Lauren G Adams charm to your vacation look? With shops in many of your Caribbean ports of call, you can find these stylish souvenirs just about anywhere the wind — or in this case, sea — takes you. Planning on relaxing at one of Antigua's 365 beautiful beaches? Stop by Colombian Emeralds in Saint Johns to peruse their Lauren G Adams collection. Or, after spying on neighbor Venezuela (which houses several LGA shops) from Aruba's Haystack Mountain, visit their own Colombian Emeralds shop in Orenjestad. Take a break from the historic sights of San Juan, Puerto Rico to find the perfect charm at Blue Diamond. Have a whole different Caribbean adventure planned out? That's okay too, because you'll find the entire list of Lauren G Adams shops here!


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