Designer’s Corner: Chatting With UNOde50 President José Azulay

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If you subscribe to the idea that fashion is an art form (skeptics will be relegated to the worst-dressed list), you’ve likely already discovered the creative collections from Spanish jewelry brand UNOde50. Founded in the ’90s by a group of artists and designers who set out to break with traditional jewelry conventions by making just 50 pieces of each unique design, the brand now comprises hundreds of inventive styles and is sold all over the world and onboard Celebrity Cruises and select Carnival Cruise Line ships.


Global success notwithstanding, UNOde50 owner and President José Azulay the brand is maintain its commitment to exclusivity and originality. “Over time, its resounding success led the brand to increase production although it kept its name as a reminder that right from day one quality and exclusiveness have been prioritized in each piece,” he says. That means craftsmanship is one of the fundamental pillars of the Unode50 philosophy — from designing to creating, production starts and ends in the brand’s headquarters in Madrid.

For those still new to the UNOde50 phenomenon, sat down with Azulay to bring you his take on the brand’s future, their promise of exclusivity and what exactly their iconic padlock represents.

What’s the meaning behind the iconic padlock?

José Azulay

The brand emblem is a small padlock that encloses far more than just a name. With rounded contours and a crafted elaboration, it was conceived to symbolize the protection of exclusive jewels and unique design.


With collections ranging from celestial designs to animal and earth elements, where does the team derive inspiration?

José Azulay

The design team is formed by different profiles and culture that make the brand what it is today and what it has always conveyed since its beginning: originality, craftsmanship, quality, irony, fun. They find inspiration in every detail, a single trip, from small pieces or crystals, art, sculpture, daily elements.


Now that you’re in more than 40 countries around the world and several cruise ships, how do you ensure the brand remains true to its mission?

José Azulay

The company has never ceased to keep its promise of exclusiveness, presenting Limited Editions of just 50 units in each collection.

What was the motivation to offer your designs on board?

José Azulay

UNOde50 embarked on its international adventure in 2008 with its openings in Miami and Paris. From that moment on, its unique style and unmistakable character have rendered its worldwide expansion unstoppable.

What is your vision for the future of UNOde50?

José Azulay

Our focus is to keep growing at international way with same brand philosophy and bold spirit that make us different and unique.

What’s the attitude and philosophy embodied through your brand/jewelry?

José Azulay

The genuine UNOde50 seal exudes originality in each and every one of its creations. If there is one thing that all these pieces share, it is a daring attention to detail and an exclusive DNA that renders the brand both unique and different.

Its creative universe is reasserted each year with the launch of two collections that surprise its clients.


What can we expect from UNOde50 to close out 2015?

José Azulay

The brand’s latest novelty, its line in gold (plated), offers further proof of the tireless innovative spirit that characterizes UNOde50’s design team.


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