Top 11 Caribbean Beers

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Looking for a good local brew while cruising the Caribbean?

Bottlenecks of the Beer Bottles found in the Caribbean.

Here are our picks for the 11 best beers in the Caribbean—because a six-pack isn’t always enough.

11. Carib, Trinidad & Tobago

The best quality of this local brew from Trinidad and Tobago is that it is very light and easy to drink. The biggest knock on it is that it is very light and easy to drink. The texture of the beer is a little watery but the aftertaste, which actually offers a very subtle hint of tequila, reminds you that this is not Poland Spring. This is definitely a brew for the traveler who plans on having more than one adult beverage in one sitting.

10. Wadadli, Antigua

This easy-to-drink pale lager from the Antigua Brewery has a 4.8 percent alcohol volume and is made from desalinated seawater, but don’t hold that against it. Pair it with fresh local seafood like grilled red snapper.

9. Kubuli, Dominica

Made with natural spring water, Kubuli is a light, amber-colored, German-style lager. It won the gold medal at the 2002 Monde Selection. We love enjoying a Kubuli at the Pagua Bay Bar and Grill on Dominica’s northeast coast.

8. Bucanero, Cuba

It may taste like a Stateside micro brew, but its stronger 5.4 percent alcohol volume is anything but ordinary. Pair this beer with all things swine—there’s nothing like washing down a pork chop at a restaurant in Havana with a cold Bucanero. Or three.

7. Prestige, Haiti

An American-style lager, Prestige is the only native beer of Haiti. Launched in 1976, this pale yellow beer has a sweet aroma and a subtle herby aftertaste. This brew was also awarded the gold medal for American-style lagers at the 2000 World Beer Cup.

6. 10 Saints, Barbados

Beer? In the spiritual home of rum? What? With 10 Saints, you can have it both ways. This premium, handcrafted beer launched in 2012 is aged in Mount Gay Rum casks. Naturally, this unusual process gives rise to distinct rum and oak flavors.

5. Banks, Barbados

This premium pilsner-style lager is naturally filtered through limestone rock. It pairs best with seafood, particularly fish. The best place to grab a Banks in Barbados is at Oistins Fish Fry at Oistins Bay Gardens. If you are there on a Friday, be ready for a night of partying with locals and tourists.

4. Blackbeard Ale, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

This rich English pale ale may not be the obvious beer to drink in warm weather, but Blackbeard Ale’s unusual hints of rum and heavy malt certainly make it delicious. Some of the best spots to grab a Blackbeard Ale are at Kendrick’s and Bacchus in downtown Christiansted. Also, check out the Sunset Grill near Frederiksted.

3. Stag, Trinidad and Tobago

With its 5.5 percent alcohol content, this brew is locally marketed as a “man’s beer.” We’ll ignore the implications and enjoy the refreshing touch of citrus and subtle hints of vegetables.

2. Biere Lorraine, Martinique

While most French-Caribbean cuisine tends to go better with a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc, this traditional yellow lager with a mellow malt aroma is the perfect match for spicy conch fritters.

1. Red Stripe, Jamaica


Red Stripe captures everything a beer drinker is looking for in the Caribbean. It's a full-bodied, full-flavored pale lager that’s easy to drink. Pair Red Stripe with either Jamaican jerk chicken or pork. The best places to get the beer are at any Scotchies, the best jerk food stops on the north coast of Jamaica. The coolest and perhaps most unusual place to get it, however, is at the Martha Brae River, located roughly six miles south of Falmouth. Vendors hang out high above the rumbling waters of the river waiting to sell rafters a cold beer. Simply toss up a few crumpled bills and get ready to catch. Just make sure you have good hands—a Red Stripe should never be wasted.

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