7 Hilarious Signs You'll See on an Alaskan Cruise

Aug 18, 2015 | By Lauramay LaChance
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I love Alaska – end of story. I cruised there last year and ever since, I have been a walking marketing campaign for the state. Everyone told me the glaciers are blue and the mountains are massive and the air is pure...

But no one told me how wildly hilarious Alaskans are. So, I’m sharing my laughs with you.


1. Just say it like it is, Alaska ­– Cup of Folgers “Dads no foofoo Coffee” – Healy, AK right across the street from the Princess Wilderness Lodge

Cup of Folgers also known as "Dad's no foofoo coffee' sign at a coffee shop in Healy, Alaska.


2. Fairbanks – Where the people are unusual and the beer is unusually good – Denali Park Salmon Bake in Healy, Alaska

Tall glass of unusually good beer at a local brewery in Healy, Alaska.


3. This is why it’s better to cruise to Alaska and let someone else do the driving – Grande Denali Lodge in Healy, Alaska

Winding road signs, in case you get lost throughout Healy, Alaska.


4. Wonder what the sirens on this Funbulance sound like. – Somewhere in Alaska

An ambulance transformed into a limousine and labeled the Funbulance in Alaska.


5. Sorry, Texas. Looks like Alaska has you beat with their mosquitos, too. – Grande Denali Lodge in Healy, Alaska

Giant mosquito flying away with a human road sign in Healy, Alaska.


6. That’s a brilliant idea. – Anchorage, Alaska

Flower shop advertising to buy yourself flowers while he is out fishing in Anchorage, Alaksa.


7. The fishermen’s version of Wilson ­– “Fool's Gold” fishing boat in Whittier Harbor

Bouey with a drawn-on face resembles Wilson and rides with the fishermen in Whittier, Alaska.


To the people of Alaska – thank you for the laughs and making my vacation such a memorable experience.   

Did you see any funny signs on your cruise to Alaska? Share them with us.

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