Five Things to Remember When You’re Exploring Alaska’s Wilderness

Feb 24, 2016 | By Lauramay LaChance
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If your goal is to get outside and hike through some of Alaska’s wilderness on your upcoming cruise, you’ll want to remember these five things for spotting wildlife and remembering the moments.

Change in Patterns


Scan the horizons slowly and watch for out-of-place silhouettes. If you’re hiking, keep your eyes on the trails ahead for any changes in patterns in the brush or trees. Sometimes a shifting branch might just be the wind, but it could also be a caribou or moose scratching its antlers on a tree.

Watch the Boundaries


Keep your eyes out for transitioning landscapes, because animals are frequently found in the boundaries between habitats. You can spot moose where meadows turn into marshy lakes; and where the dense forest ends at a river, you might see a sow (female bear) and her twin cubs catching salmon.

Be on Poop Patrol

Not in the way Les Stroud does it on Survivorman; just keep your eyes out for it. If you see fresh scat (the term commonly used for animal poop), then you know there is an animal nearby.

Stop and Take It All In.


We know how rushed things can be when you’re trying to squeeze so much into a day, but don’t forget to take a minute to truly take it in. Find a log at the top of a mountain, sit down, and just watch and listen to the world around you. You might hear a river flowing on one side, birds singing on the other, smell the sweetness of the flowers blooming and maybe you’ll notice that bald eagle perched at the top of the tree.

Leave Only Footprints. Take Only Memories.


Alaska is a wild place, and part of the reason it stays that way is because the residents and visitors take pride in protecting it. While it might be tempting to stash a shed antler or a few seeds from a wildflower into your backpack, help keep Alaska wild and only take memories.

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