Crystal Cruises Unveils Huge Sea and Air Expansions

Mar 14, 2016 | By Editorial Staff
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Crystal Endeavor, the first expedition megayacht

During a special press event today Edie Rodriguez, President and CEO of Crystal Cruises, announced the release of the world’s first purpose-built polar class yacht. Crystal Endeavor will be Crystal’s first ever expedition megayacht and the second ship part of Crystal Yacht Cruises. The 600-foot, 25,000 gross ton ship will be built with 100 guest suites and will be the largest and most spacious megayacht out there.


While all of the details were not released we chatted with Paul M. Garcia, Director, Global Public Relations to find out more about this luxury megayacht:

What’s so adventurous and thrilling about Crystal Endeavor?

Paul Garcia: What’s not? She’s going to have an extreme range of “toys” from two helicopters and landing pads to jet skis, kayaks, wave runners, paddle boards, snorkeling and scuba equipment and even a recompression chamber... all on board her ship. She’s also going to have SEABOBs, which are underwater scooters that allow you to quickly move underwater.

Who is Crystal Endeavor perfect for?

Paul Garcia: Crystal Endeavor is a blend of luxury and adventure, and is perfect for anyone with a zest for life, whether they’re young or young at heart. And while she is an expedition yacht she’ll also have a one-to-one crew-to-guest ratio, with 200 crew members serving 200 guests on board – perfect for the modern luxury traveler.

What will the itineraries be like on Crystal Endeavor?

Paul Garcia: Crystal Endeavor was designed for global expeditions in Arctic, Antarctic and tropical conditions. She’ll have state-of-the art offshore dynamic positioning technology with computer-controlled systems allowing the ship to use its own propellers and thrusters. Pretty much this allows the ship to stay put anywhere it wants without dropping anchor and harming any coral reefs or other underwater treasures below. And because of her 200-guest size, she will be able to get to the remote ports filled with undiscovered charm.


When will bookings open for Crystal Endeavor?

Paul Garcia: Bookings will open for Crystal Endeavor in late 2016.

Will excursions be included?

Paul Garcia: We have not figured out all of the details yet but some of the excursions will be included.

Where will Crystal Endeavor home port?

Paul Garcia: Now that, we are not sure of.

When will Crystal Endeavor begin sailing?

Paul Garcia: The steel cutting will begin in May 2016 and Lloyd Werft Group (the group building her) will deliver Crystal Endeavor to Crystal in August 2018.


From Luxury Cruises to Luxury Jets: The Expansion of Crystal Luxury Air

Because Crystal is not limiting itself to JUST luxury at sea, the company also unveiled the latest addition to its growing luxury air fleet today: world, meet the Bombardier Global Express XRS Jet, entering service on April 3rd and designed to privately charter any guest traveling on any Crystal ocean, yacht or river cruise. With an aircraft that more-than-comfortably seats up to 12, it's a Crystal cruiser's opportunity to travel like royalty from start to finish.


​So, just how lavish is a ride on the Global Express jet? We got the chance to tour the aircraft during today's press event and have all the inside scoop on what you can expect when flying Crystal Luxury Air's newest addition:

  • The jet has been refitted with 3 spacious cabins--all which accommodate anything from business to taking a mid-flight nap in the sleeping quarters


  • There are 4 executive wide club seats with foldout tables for meeting or dining.


  • The mid cabin area accommodates up to 5 people and is configured for conferences with a workstation and cabinet.
  • The aft cabin contains a 3-person divan that transforms into a large bed.
  • The galley, located towards the front of the aircraft, is complete with a cold air chiller, high temp oven, microwave and Aerolux Nespresso machine.
  • All cabin monitors contain laptop imagery, XM Radio and surround sound.
  • High speed internet and in-flight phone service is also included.
  • A flight on the Global Express XRS is priced at $8,000 an hour (plus taxes and fees).

Chartered flights via the Global Express XRS are now available for booking, and Crystal is already in the process of expanding their fleet even further in the coming years. The private air fleet, which currently includes a Boeing 777-200LR and a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, is adding another Boeing 777 and a 787 Dreamliner to its fleet in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The chartered air crafts will be operated by Corporate Flight Management DBA Crystal Luxury Air.

How's THAT for luxury travel? Stay tuned for more exclusive cruise industry updates via our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blog.


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