Cruise hacks: This Snorkel Has Been Sanitized… I Think

Aug 3, 2015 | By Lauramay LaChance
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This is as much of a cruise hack as it is a sanitary must-do. If you’re cruising to the Caribbean, the Bahamas or anywhere you might want to do some snorkeling, we recommend you bring your own gear.

Snorkeler inspects a coral reef with a floater in the ocean.

Here’s why:

  1. Sanitary reasons. If you go on a snorkeling excursion expect to be using the same snorkeling gear as the hundreds of thousands of cruisers before you. They might say the gear is sanitized but you can only sanitize something so much. And one thing I always ask myself is, why are the snorkels always black?
  2. Do you spit in your mask? For whatever reason your mask tends to get a little foggy while you're snorkeling. Some tour operators treat the masks before you use them and others don't. If you've been snorkeling for a while you know that a simple trick is to spit in your mask, rub it in and be on your way. That's great to do if it's your own mask but not when you're renting one...and some people just miss the memo.
  3. One size does not fit all. The shore excursion providers have to be prepared to serve a wide range of people and only carry a limited amount of each size. Chances are you could get stuck with flippers or goggles that are too small or too big.
  4. Snorkel on your own. Many of the islands in the Caribbean and the Bahamas have great snorkeling right at the local beaches.

You can buy snorkel gear at any sporting goods store or online and it’ll only cost you about $45. Also, some cruise lines provide snorkel equipment for purchase and rental. Carnival, for example, sells snorkels for $5; whereas Disney and Princess rent the full snorkel gear and their prices range from $15 to $31. So check with your cruise line before your cruise!

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