Cruise hacks: How to Remember Your Cruise Lingo

Jul 1, 2015 | By Lauramay LaChance

Imagine this: You’re on a cruise in Alaska when the naturalist comes over the intercom system and says, “There’s a pod of whales breaching on the starboard side of the ship.” You start frantically screaming, “Is the starboard side on the left or right?”

Here’s a few crafty ways to learn your cruise lingo so you never miss a pod of whales and always look cool to everyone else who is lost.

There are four important directional cruise terms every cruiser should learn.


1. Term: Port side is the left side (when facing the front of the ship)

Port side of Crystal Cruises Crystal Serenity.

Remember it by saying: The ship left port.


2. Term: Starboard side is the right side (when facing the front of the ship)

Starboard side of Disney Cruise Line Disney Fantasy.

Remember it by saying: Star light, star bright, starboard side is right.


3. Term: Bow is the forward part of the ship

Bow of a cruise ship.

Remember it by saying: You always bow forward.


4. Term: Aft is the back of the ship

The Aft of Royal Caribbean International Allure of the Seas.

Remember it by saying: When you bow forward, your a@# points to the aft.

What clever cruise saying do you use to remember your cruise terms?

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