Cruising the Caribbean in Pictures

Apr 6, 2016 | By Zulay Regalado
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A cruise to the Caribbean is not complete without some killer photos to use as bragging leverage (because "picture or it didn't happen", right?). We've compiled a handful of our favorite Caribbean cruise moments to pay homage to this majestic destination.

MV Adonia Hanging out at Port Miami

Fathom Cruise Line's new ship, which is set to embark on a historic sailing to Cuba next month, was spotted in her natural habitat this week. Watch as she floats with the utmost grace and, if you're quiet enough, you can almost hear her complain about our less-than-subtle photo overload (really, we took A LOT of them. Angles are everything, folks). 



A view of @fathomtravel's MV Adonia. She'll be sailing to Cuba next month! #WeLoveCruising #Cuba #travel #cruising

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Sailing Norwegian Escape

We were so excited to sail on this ship for the first time. Also, we may or may not have been the first ones on that water slide. 


Our View From the North Star on Anthem of the Seas


Soaring Over Amber Cove

(Photo courtesy of @sunkenbeachchair)


Amber Cove - 30/03/16 #ambercove #dominicanrepublic #cruise #carnivalcruise #island #sun

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Darth Vader and Storm Troopers Invade Disney Fantasy

Nothing beats running into a gang of storm troopers and the galaxy's most dangerous villain while on your way to breakfast. 

(photo courtesy of @tenillelafontaine)


...And Then Boba Fett Crashed the Party

The Force is strong on this ship. 

(photo courtesy of @mousesteps)


Carnival Breeze-ing Through Ocho Rios

See what we did there?

(photo courtesy of @cruiseforlife)


Seeing Grand Cayman from Way Up Above

(photo courtesy of @chloe_bergren)


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And seeing Grand Cayman from Way Below

Hello there, adorable sea turtle!

(photo courtesy of @im_majestic)


Gnarly dude

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Getting Artsy in Grand Turk

(photo courtesy of @b3_yi)


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Amazing Caribbean Sunset (or MOST AMAZING Caribbean Sunset? You Decide.)

(photo courtesy of @mousesteps)


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