The Best Alaskan Food Finds

Jul 9, 2015 | By Lola
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A cruise to Alaska offers visitors amazing scenery, breathtaking landscapes, close encounters of an animal kind – and food. Lots of incredible food. And we’re not just talking about salmon (although the salmon is pretty phenomenal).

You might be surprised by some of our favorite Alaska food finds:

Tracy's Crab shack, The Alaskan Fudge Company, BurgerQueen and Sugar Mama's in Alaska


The Alaskan Fudge Company

The namesake product is phenomenally tasty (and great for gifts, if you can keep your paws off of it when you get back to your stateroom). But our favorite indulgence at The Alaskan Fudge Company is the caramel corn. Think of it as the appetizer to your fudge dessert.

Kettle Corn Stand

Sadly, we can’t recall the name of the booth that sells fresh-popped kettle corn as soon as you get off the ship. When we were there most recently it was basically a tent next to Tanzanite International. Your nose will lead you straight there, where you can purchase a bag of some of the best sweet and salty popcorn we’ve ever had. And we love a good carnival, so we have had a lot of practice.

Tracy’s King Crab Shack

This is our favorite stop (and everyone else’s – so you might need to wait a bit; but it’s completely worth it). When in Alaska, eat king crab. And no one does it better than Tracy’s King Crab Shack.  Order the Crab Shack Combo, which includes a giant crab leg, crab cakes, and their exceptional crab bisque.  And then take pictures and make your Instagram and Facebook friends jealous.




Real Thai food in Skagway, Alaska? You bet – and it’s tasty. It was an unexpected treat on our last visit to Skagway, and one that we will be incorporating into our future visits. The lunch menu at Starfire is somewhat limited, but there is certainly something for everyone. The dinner menu is fairly extensive, and worth the wait. Most cruise lines depart Skagway after 8:00pm, so it’s possible to grab an early dinner and make it back to port. We highly recommend doing just that.

Sugar Mamas

The mighty cupcake has found its way to Alaska – and Sugar Mama’s is home to some of our favorites. The flavors change, but we’re partial to the red velvet. On one visit they had bacon cupcakes (it was a little early for us, but we love maple bacon doughnuts, so we’re sure they’re amazing too).



Burger Queen

You don’t necessarily think ‘burger’ when you think Alaska, but you should. Burger Queen started as a food truck long before it was fashionable for top chefs to operate food trucks. Now housed in a small fixed restaurant, Burger Queen offers some incredible burgers and shakes. Our personal favorite is the Solidarity Burger – complete with kielbasa. Everything looks amazing and we’ve heard good things about the fish and chips, but we just can’t bear to get anything other than burgers when we go.


Three words: chocolate-covered Oreos (or is that two words?). Ketchicandies has delicious truffles and chocolates and all kinds of things, but we have a hard time seeing past the chocolate-covered Oreos. They’re so good that the last time one of our colleagues was supposed to bring some back for me, he ate the box on the flight home. Go as soon as you get to town.


Have any other Alaska Food finds? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure sure check them out on our next cruise.


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