12 Things You'll Love About Montreal

Oct 23, 2015 | By Lauramay LaChance
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The more you travel, the more you realize what you haven’t seen.
There’s probably some famous person out there who said that, but my friend said it to me as we were walking through Montreal’s Mount Royal Park this past weekend. It’s so true. Before visiting Montreal I assumed it would be just like every other eastern-Canadian city, but I was proven wrong.
Montreal is rich in history and culture, with unbelievably friendly residents, and worth spending a day or two after your cruise. I spent three days there and walked over 35 miles while exploring Montreal. I explored the local neighborhoods of Mile-End and Little Italy. I climbed the “mountain” to Mount Royal Park, and I learned about the history of Old Montreal and the Port of Montreal. I chatted with the locals, visited their eateries and sipped on their brews. And I also learned why the sun rises in the “south” and sets in the “north” in this city.
But before I share the best bars, best food and the 40 things you need to know about Montreal, here are the 12 little things I really love about Montreal. 
1. Montreal feels like Europe.
2. The sights light up at night.
3. Their alleys are green.
4. They park their dogs.
5. Montrealers are great with words.
6. Crepes are part of their food chain ...
7. ... and so are bagels.
8. You can touch a piece of the Berlin Wall in the underground city.
9. You can jump higher because you are farther north (only partly true).
10. Sugar is a must, even on bread.

11. You can leaf peep from Mount Royal Park (for free).
12. Starbucks has a Montreal mug, which might not seem like a huge deal but when I'm sipping my coffee out of it at home it brings me back to that city.
What little things make you think back to when you cruised to Montreal? What did you love about this city?
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