Lauramay LaChance

Lauramay LaChance is the editor of, but it wasn’t long ago when you could find her arranging architectural records in the belly of Yale’s library (elbow patches and all). 

She has an academic background and a serious love for adventure. She blended those loves here in Miami and is now paving her own road in the creative world. Lauramay (or LMay as our team calls her) has published numerous articles based on her travels in the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe where she focuses on experiencing every destination like a local and finding the undiscovered charm of every city she explores.

When she’s not furiously typing and editing, she’s running with her dogs (yes, they have an Instagram account), carving the snow-capped Rockies with her skis, or attempting to restore her 1970s Schwinn bicycle. And if it’s 3:00pm, you can guarantee she’s brewing her daily cup of Cuban coffee.